Agenția imobiliară

Агентство недвижимости

Real Estate Agency



AI Nika-Imobil SRL is a specialized agency firm of realtors operating at the Moldovan real estate market since 2007. We offer our customers agency support in acquisitions and sale of real estate as well as property valuation services in Chisinau.

According to the Articles of Incorporation, the firm’s principal business is:
• Real estate sale and purchase as well as exchange transactions;
• Lease of property;
• Advertisement of real estate;
• Valuation of real estate;
• Real estate market research;
• Other transactions and operations involving real estate (drawing and formalization of testaments and donations; privatization of housing);
• Provision of advisory and legal services.

The firm АI Nika-Imobil SRL operates based on the License to perform valuations of real estate (Series А ММ11 no. 029219 issued by the Licensing Chamber on 16.10.2007 and valid till 16.10.2012 and extended until 10.16.2017).

The objective of the Firm is to contribute to the shaping of a civilized real estate market by building transparent, legally sound and open relationships with customers as well as by providing high quality realtor services. We are developing a customer-focused structure.